Evangelina Ververi

Born in Australia. Grew up in an island called Lesvos, in Greece, only one hour away from Turkey, Ayvalik. Always felt being in between East and West.

Studied Sociology in Creta. Did half of a Master of Philosophy (Research), Emotional Appeals in Advertising or almost all of it, in North East of England..

North East of Greece, North East of England..

Sea everywhere in all places.. Not that easily accessible in England, of course.

Spent most of my life in Athens, though..

I could say that there was always a spontaneous need for me to be involved with music and musicians.

So I love sea and I love music.

Who we are

Soundkitchen.berlin is a booking and management agency with a well-developed far-reaching network.

Stemming from our adoration for Refined Music, our main focus lies in Culture Networking and the Support & Development of artists and promoters in every conceivable way.

In short:

– booking and management

– exclusive access to select artists

– from event organization guidance to complete event undertaking.

Our goal is to enrich our common existence with Quality and Enlighted music achieved through the implementation of a harmonious fusion of ideas, emanating competence but always with feeling and heart.

Marina Koren

Born in the trashy 80's as a professional monkey in a melancholic country, she could never give up the idea of making other people smile, licking the sauce from the plates or go wild with percussion.

Even so, her Jewish parents never gave up the idea of making a real human out of her. So before her melancholic country could fall apart, they sent her to Germany.

The new surroundings and the acting school taught her to play the role well, but still, when it comes to a good sounding music her monkey comes out of her and is unstoppable.

In emergency cases, try to feed her with passion fruits, give her massages or call her mother.

Soundkitchen.berlin is a booking and management agency with an extensive Network.

We have a very refined taste in music and our main focus lies in culture networking and the support of artists and promoters in every possible way.

In short detail:

– booking and managment

– provision of artists

– organising events or assisting in organizing others' events.

Our goal is to enrich the world with high quality music and to enable this, we seek to implement both our and your ideas with true competence and heart.